About us


The Mogliazze Cooperative is a farm located in the Apennine range near Piacenza at an elevation of 2600 ft, in the Bobbio district. The old rural hamlet of Mogliazze, abandoned after World War II, was restored in the 1970’s, and today it is almost completely renovated. Some of the old homes have been repurposed as workshops for the production of fruit compotes and jams, vegetable broth, tomato preserves and honey.

Also produced there are balms and phytotherapy extracts from the officinal herbs that grow spontaneously in the surrounding mountains. Sheep and goats graze the open pastures, keeping them clean and tidy.
The Cooperative has recently widened the scope of its activities to include the publication books on natural medicine, nutrition and cooking.


Soc. Coop. Mogliazze arl

Località Mogliazze, 1

29022 Bobbio (PC)

+39 0523.960237

Information: info@mogliazze.it

Orders: ordini@mogliazze.it